Why is our coherence healing group called “Changing Patterns in the Field”?

Research has shown that it is not matter that emits energy, it is actually energy creating matter. And we are more energy than matter (Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza; Mind to Matter by Dawson Church). Think of the Field as a vast ocean of energy that we exist in. The energy wavelengths intersect and form “standing waves”. These standing waves can be thought of patterns that influences the emergence of matter.

Change the pattern, you change matter.

Our Mission
Changing Patterns in the field’s mission is to contribute to the lives of our healees by offering Remote Coherence Healing Sessions under the guidelines provided by Encephalon. We are committed to following the guidance and requirements of Encephalon which has authorized CPF to use Dr. Joe Dispenza’s methods for Remote Coherence Healings.

We are committed to the fact that everyone is their own best healer and to spreading this information to our community. We educate the healees to do the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. We help them to understand that a healing session may require time to show results in 3D. We encourage them to work towards changes in their lives first before booking another healing session. We want them to understand that booking many healing sessions, especially close in time to each other, may be an old habit of “something outside of me is needed in order to heal myself.”

We are open to healees who understand English and are able to book the healing session online by themselves. We support our healees with a “Preparation Form” prior to their healing session.

We accept healers who are Advanced Students of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, are committed to stay with CPF for at least 6 months and attend healing sessions as a healer at least 2 times a week. New members can join our group by invitation only.

We conduct as many healing sessions as possible in order to support as many people as possible on their healing journey.

We measure the outcomes of Remote Coherence Healing Sessions by conducting surveys and sharing these results with the healers on a regular basis.

We support each other in evolving into the highest potential possible as individuals and as healers.


Changing Patterns in the Field (CPF) is an Authorized Coherence Healing Group following the guidelines and teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza in purity and with love for our healers and for our healees.

Our Beginnings
Founded in December 2020 on the beach in Cancun during a weeklong event the ultimate goal has been to create a strong cohesive community of a closed group of individuals who become friends over time – people who care for each other and who want to make a difference in the lives of others as well as in their own lives.

This creates a state of emergence where we move together as one mind and one heart – as one love. Our healers enjoy the powerful energy and love of the group so much that they show up for the healing sessions several times a week by choice.?

We are very committed to do these sessions and doing all the work with elevated hearts. We are doers, we show up for the healings and we make it a priority in our lives. We make every attempt to provide multiple opportunities of different dates and times for our sessions over Zoom. We cover mostly US and European time zones.

Coherence Through Connection
By closing the group for certain periods of time to new healers, we believe the energy and the coherence of the group will increase step by step through an increased connection between the healers. The stronger the connection, the higher the coherence. Most importantly, we believe that it is the coherence of the healers that changes the patterns in the field of the healees hence resulting in better outcomes for the healees.

Our Healers
CPF healers are a group of highly motivated advanced students of Dr. Joe’s work who wholeheartedly work on themselves each and every day to contribute to the group energy in order to create the highest coherence possible. Our healers are eager to study the work of Dr. Joe, again and again. They are doing the work of transforming themselves. Our healers know that giving is receiving and receiving is giving. They attend healing sessions as a healer with the knowledge that doing so supports their own healing journey, keeps them on the path to more oneness and wholeness by attending healing sessions in order to give to our healees as often as they can.

Our Healers’ Commitment
Our healers give their time, their energy, their love and their dedication to our healees. They are committed to share their love at healing sessions at least two times a week.

CPF’s Commitment To Our Healers
We are committed to supporting our healers in a manner that is consistent with Dr. Joe’s work – which we know is good for our healers and for CPF. We support our healers during challenging times in their lives by offering healings, loving understanding, encouraging them to do “the work” and by giving them gentle reminders that they are their own best healer.

We are committed to knowing each and every one of our healers. We honor and value our healers deeply. We offer our healers opportunities to share experiences, ask for support, and to celebrate their victories and transformations with the group. We support individual connections between the healers knowing that this increased connection will increase healer engagement and coherence in the field. We celebrate us and life at any given opportunity.

CPF is a sacred and safe place for all. We know that creating a safe and sacred place for connection will move us together into more oneness and wholeness. We are always evolving. We are open to new possibilities and opportunities for this group and for each individual.

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